Sunday, January 16, 2011


I spent the day deep cleaning our bedroom. I can't believe how much dust has collected in such a short amount of time. The sad thing about scrubbing instead of just picking up is that it takes twice as long and only I know that I spent the day cleaning it. Oh well. I also took some photos to go over the bed. I have two 8x10 frames and an 8x8 frame. My semi-theme for the room is natural materials and textures so I took pictures of a few different trees. Like yesterday, I can't decide which edit I like best. More vintage or more clean B&W?


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  1. Um, if you're going to be putting pictures of boring old trees up on the wall then they should be as least boring as possible. Like those lit up trees you posted earlier this week! Or Scott holding a stick over his head, that'd be cool.

  2. I like trees. I must like boring things too. If you want exciting decor, talk to Sarah, she likes colors and excitement.

  3. I like "boring" trees, too. I'm not picky.


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