Monday, January 17, 2011

It doesn't help if you read the instructions and they're wrong

Dear Target,
Thank you for having a curtain rod conveniently on sale for me. As much as I appreciate that, I do suggest that you improve your curtain rod installation directions. See, when your diagram shows two little holes and there is actually one hole with a loop thing and one regular hole which has a large impact on how you mark and hang the curtain rod it might be a good thing to mention. Also when the secondary instructions are on the box with the screws, but you firmly glue that box face down into the bigger box so that when you pull it out they are impossibly to read, that doesn't help much either.

Some spackle, a literally antique sewing machine and an assist from Corey the handyman later, VOILA! Curtains in our room.

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  1. Dear Adrienne,

    Thank you for taking advantage of Target's great everyday deals. We're sorry to hear that you destroyed the second set of instructions that were carefully attached to the box of fixtures. Target offers fantastic deals on books for Do-It-Yourself home repair. We also can't help but notice that you already have venetian blinds for the window. This observation leads us to the obvious question; Why all the secrecy?




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