Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week In Photos

School started Tuesday, thus the slow down for the posts. We also learned about whiskey cocktails from a mixologist at a neat restaurant in Denver where they served candy cigarettes as an after dinner mint. They also had a tablecloth/tablepaper that Scott drew me a picture on. The event was a whole presentation on the proper way to mix a Manhattan, Mint Julep, Sazerac and one other drink I can't remember. Apparently those cocktails have been around for a looong time.

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The rest of the week there was a little snow, enough to make the commute extra long and to keep Scott in Boulder overnight. I tried out a really long exposure on my camera. It's pretty impressive that I can take pictures of stars.

From January

From January

This is the view from my office building. Not from where I sit, but if I look down the hall I can see downtown Denver and the mountains.

From January


  1. Scott again demonstrates his superior cavemanness. And that's a great view of the mountains and cityscape - can't wait for March to start applying for jobs!

  2. Pretty! I remember having bubblegum cigarettes and candy cigarettes when I visited my grandparents when I was, oh 10 or so. In retrospect it wasn't as cool as I thought then.
    The elephants are cute, every time I see one now I think of the chart in my OB's office that listed the elephant having a 2 year gestation, which gave me a whole new sympathy and respect for them, 9 months was long enough for me!
    The view from your building is lovely and I hope to have something similar soon :) And yes, the stars are very impressive. Tripod?

  3. I can't wait to have everybody live in Denver! Slowly but surely we'll convert everyone. It's funny, I look at the mountains on my drive home and sometimes I can't tell where the clouds end and the mountains begin if the light is right.


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